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Reminder: Make Your Ceiling Fans Spin Backwards in Winter

ceiling-fan-woodenLong, long before there was electrical air conditioning, there were fans. The action of a fan doesn’t by itself make the air cooler. What it does is remove the heat envelope from around people and evaporates perspiration, which allows the human body to release more heat. People feel cooler, even though the air itself hasn’t changed temperature.

Ceiling fans are the best way to enjoy the power of fans in a home. Ceiling fans don’t take up space the way desk fans and standing fans do, and they create an attractive look in a room that adds to the ambiance. A well-installed and placed set of ceiling fans creates an even flow of air around a room so as many people as possible can enjoy their comfort effects.

Putting Those Ceiling Fans to Work in Winter

Here in Southern California, people think of ceiling fans almost exclusively as devices for hot weather. They can help cut down on air conditioning costs significantly, often able to handle mildly hot weather on their own without the need of the AC. But these fans serve a purpose in winter as well. Since we rarely experience cold days, the correct use of a ceiling fan can often be enough for warmth.

To turn your fans into cooler weather mode, you have to switch the direction the blades rotate. Stand under the fan and look up at it when it’s running. The blades turn in a counterclockwise direction: this is the standard operation for warm weather. When the blades turn this direction, the fan creates a downdraft that pushes cool air down to create the wind-chill effect that helps keep people cool.

Now, turn off the fan, use a stepladder, and locate a toggle switch on the fan’s base. Switch it to the second position. When you turn the fan on now, you should see the blades rotating clockwise. What this does is create an updraft. The fan draws up the cooler air from below and pushes the warmer air gathered near the ceiling down along the walls and into the living spaces. This faster movement of warm air around a room can help you cut down on your heating costs by around 15% during the winter.

But I Don’t Have Ceiling Fans!

No problem: we do! You only want a licensed professional electrician in Burbank, CA to install new ceiling fans in your house, and this is a job we’re happy to do for you. When you have great electricians doing the work, you won’t end up with a wobbly fan or one that’s put in the wrong place. We’ll safely wire up the new fans and show you how to change their direction. Remember, not only can you can save 15% off your heating bills, you can save up to 40% off your cooling bills during hot weather. In Southern California, this makes a huge difference in your budget each year.

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