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Reminder: An Attic Fan Is a Great Energy Saving Installation for Summer!

Benefits of an attic fan-3The attic is probably the part of your house you visit the least. Most people only go up into the attic to store or retrieve items. (You have seasonal holiday decorations up there, right?) So it might not appear important to have this space properly ventilated, and placing fans up there may seem like overdoing it.

But attic fans are one of the best ways you can save on energy bills during a hot Southern California summer. It’s something we recommend you look into.

The Superheated Attic

If you’ve ever gone up into your attic during a bright, warm day, you’ll discover that it’s roasting hot up there! This is because of the radiant energy of the sun, which the roof soaks up and transfers into the small space. Even on an average warm day, this radiant heat can elevate the temperature in the attic to 120°F or even higher!

Heat rises, so it’s easy to imagine all the heat gathered at the top of a home isn’t going to be a problem. But such a massive heat sink will start to seep down into the rest of the house. Insulation in the attic helps slow this down, the boiling temperatures in the attic can still end up raising the temperatures throughout the rest of the house by 8°F.

Attic Fans Cool Down Your House

Attic fans are ventilation systems that draw out the heated air and bring down the attic temperature to match that of the outdoors. They’re not refrigeration systems, so they don’t drain immense amounts of electricity the way an AC does. But they’ll lower the attic’s temperature so much less heat enters the rest of your house. That means better comfort… and far less power consumed running the air conditioning system.

(Attic fans help during the rest of the year as well, since they vent out moisture that rises through the house. This helps prevent wood rot and other damage to the roof.)

Want to know more about attic fans? Call on Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical. We offer exceptional customer service in Woodland Hills, CA and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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