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Let’s Talk Generators—They’re a Big Topic Now


Southern California hasn’t traditionally been a location where generators for homes are common. People often think of generators as useful for places that experience extreme winters and unpredictable storm seasons. 

But that’s changing, and generators are now a big topic for So. Cal homeowners. We work with generators and we’d like to recommend that 1) you install a generator for your house, and 2) you have a whole-house generator installed rather than rely on a portable one.

Why We Recommend Having a Generator

You may not think a generator is a priority for your house, but we’re dealing with greater electrical grid insecurities now more than ever. With more people working from home than in the past, the stress on the grid is much higher, making extended blackouts a more common concern.

There are many reasons we recommend getting a generator, and here are just a few: 

  • It will help keep your family safe and comfortable during heat waves because you’ll still be able to use your central air conditioning system.
  • It’s essential for the health of family members who depend on powered medical equipment. 
  • If you work from home—and that’s going to be the reality for many people going forward—a generator prevents vital work interruptions. 

Why We Recommend Whole-House Generators

There are two major options you have for a generator—portable or a permanent whole-house generator. There are several reasons we advise that you choose a whole-house generator installation over using a portable generator:

  • They’re safer: A whole-house generator is placed outside the house, and that’s the safest place to locate a piece of powerful equipment that runs on natural gas or propane. Portable generators send emissions into the house that are toxic. This is why portable generators are best used outdoors as well: for camping or to keep in a car in case of emergency. 
  • They’re more powerful: Although you can find some powerful portable generators, the more powerful they are the clumsier and larger they are—there’s an upper limit on what you can get. If you want to be able to power most of your home through an extended blackout, you’ll need the power of a permanent installation whole-house generator.
  • They’re more convenient: Many whole-house generator models are automatic standby generators, which means they turn on as soon as they detect a power outage in the house. There’s no need to manually activate one. Even whole-house generators without this option are more convenient, since you won’t have to go wheel out a portable generator and hook it up to the electrical system whenever you need power. 
  • They have better fuel options: I.e. natural gas. Using natural gas to power a generator gives you a steady supply of fuel without worrying about needing to order more. Natural gas also burns cleaner and is less expensive than using other types of fuel.

If you want to talk to an electrician in Burbank, CA about installing a whole-house generator, we’re the people to trust.

Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service! Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles, Van Nuys, and the San Fernando Valley.

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