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Let Us Wire Up Your Home Theater System

living-room-flat-screen-tvOnce upon a time, not so very long ago, the idea of a “home theater system” meant a nice television set in a room without too much light to distract from the screen. Anything more “theatrical” needed to have an expensive projection system and screen installed. Then along came stereo sound equipment. Then big screen TVs. Then surround-sound audio systems. Then flat-screen TVs. Then digital sound. Then HD TVs. Then 4K TVs. And who knows what else may be around the corner?

Today’s home theater systems have the potential to create an experience that’s better than an actual theater. The parking’s easy and you won’t have to deal with people sitting in front of you who keep turning on their smartphones.

Since a completely wireless home theater system hasn’t come along yet, if you want to enjoy the best in a distraction-free, attractive, and save home theater experience, you’re going to need to have some complicated wiring work done. And this is where a professional electrician can help you out.

Do I really need a professional electrician?

In the broadest definition of need, no you don’t. But the people who undertake wiring a home theater system are usually people who make the project into a massive DIY adventure. There are entire websites dedicated to these enthusiasts who are building the home theater of their dreams. Not everybody wants to put in this kind of time and money—and they shouldn’t have to just to enjoy a quality home theater experience where wires aren’t strung over the walls or run along the floor for people to trip on.

If you’re looking for a pleasing set up for your flat-screen television and surround audio system, having a professional take care of the wiring is a great choice. It’s a shortcut that removes most of your worries and ensures you’ll have something worth showing off to friends and family when you invite them over for movie night or to watch the big game

What can a professional electrician do for my home theater?

If you’ve ever looked at the mass of speaker wires and other connections between receivers, Blu-ray players, streaming devices, woofers, etc., you’ll start to understand how helpful someone with knowledge of wiring can be. An electrician can route all the wiring necessary for a home system through the walls and floors to keep everything tidy. You can have your flat television mounted flush to the wall and the surround speakers placed in the ideal locations where they’re unobtrusive. An electrician will ensure this is all done safely, so you don’t have dangers from electrical fires due to wiring glitches.

We offer home theater installation in Los Angeles, CA and throughout our wide service area. We’re trusted and licensed electricians who have extensive experience handling indoor wiring and lighting. We specialize in older homes, retrofitting them for new electrical demands. If we can re-do an old house to make it a modern electrical dynamo, think what we can do for that new home theater system you’ve invested in!

Find the electricians you need with just a call! Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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