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How Much Can I Save with Energy Efficient Lighting?

IMG_7552We recently provided installation of energy-efficient lighting for a North Hollywood elementary school. These types of services are a great reminder of how valuable switching to energy-saving lighting can be. It doesn’t just apply to schools and businesses, of course: on the smaller scale of the interior and exterior lighting for your home, energy-efficient lighting can mean some tremendous savings on your utility bills.

Yes, but how much will I actually save?

It’s impossible for us to give you an exact dollar figure on how much energy-efficient lighting will save you each year compared with your current lights. Every home is different, every household has different ways of using electricity, and there are a variety of types of energy-saving lights available. However, we can give you a general idea on the level of savings you can anticipate when professionals upgrade your indoor and outdoor lighting for energy efficiency.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, if you only replace the five most frequently used light fixtures in your home with lights that have the ENERGY STAR label (i.e. they meet government requirements for reduction of energy use) you can save on average $75 a year. CFL and LED bulbs are the optimal choices for new lights to replace older, electricity draining incandescent bulbs.

In the bigger picture, these energy-efficient lights consume anywhere from 25% to 80% less energy than incandescent lights. You only need do the calculations based on your current electrical budget to see how much less you will end up paying if you have lightning installers fully retrofit your home with energy-efficient bulbs. And there’s another way you’ll save: LED and CFL lights last 3 to 25 times longer than standard bulbs, so you will spend hardly anything on replacements.

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