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Can I Do Any Electrical Wiring Work Myself?

ceiling-fan-wiring-jobThis is a question homeowners often ask when they either have electrical wiring repairs that need to be done or when they’re contemplating a new installation, such as new lighting, a ceiling fan installation, or when wiring for an add-on room. It’s smart to look for places to save money in home improvement projects. But it’s much smarter to know when doing the work as a “do-it-yourself” project poses potential safety hazards.

There are a number of basic electrical jobs you can do on your own, such as changing a lightbulb and resetting tripped circuit breakers. But handling electrical wires? No, don’t try this on your own! And don’t allow anyone who isn’t licensed try it either, no matter what promises they make. When it comes to electrical wiring in a house, you want Brentwood, CA electricians who know the local electrical codes and are trained and experienced to do safe and effective wiring and wiring repair jobs.

Here’s why you shouldn’t do wiring work on your own!

“What can go wrong with DIY wiring?”

Oh, plenty.

Here are some of the potential troubles that can happen with amateur wiring for a variety of projects.

  • Inspection fail: The National Electric Code (NEC) is a set of guidelines created for local jurisdictions to use as a basis for their own local codes. A home’s wiring must meet the local version of the NEC, and it takes experienced and licensed technicians to do this right. If you have wiring that isn’t up to code, it could cost you big if you ever try to sell your house, since you’ll need to call in the pros to take care of an extensive rewiring job.
  • Bad wiring could mean a house fire: Different wire gauges are used for different purposes, and it’s essential to get them right. If you put in wires that can’t handle the standard voltage in your home, the wires will overheat, melt away their insulation, and may start a house fire. (This is why keeping up with the electrical code is so important.)
  • Electrical tape isn’t a fix-all: Electrical tape is something professional electricians encounter often in home wiring when they’re called in for repairs. Homeowners often make the assumption was electrical wiring is “good enough” to make electrical repairs, but it isn’t. The tape can easily fall off and lead to crosses wires and melted insulation and house fires. We recommend you put away the electrical tape and go straight to the licensed electricians.
  • The dreaded ceiling fan error: Here’s a common project homeowners try to tackle as DIY: putting in ceiling fans. We’re big proponents of ceiling fans for helping with comfort and lowering AC bills, so we know that installing them is more difficult than it seems. Not only does the ceiling fan require the correct wiring, it needs to be secure. Even a slightly loose fan will start to shake itself out of the ceiling and end up crashing right into the room.

Let the experts take care of that wiring job! Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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