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A DIY Problem We Often Find in Circuit Panel Wiring

Is there a problem in your circuit box.The yellow and white wire inside the panel are called Romex. Romex wires are for inside the walls.They should not be inside the circuit panel box.

An issue that professional electricians often deal with when they come to a home to handle repairs is fixing trouble caused by “do-it-yourself” tinkering. Even if you haven’t done any DIY work with your electrical system (and you definitely shouldn’t), the previous homeowners may have. Make sure that you only call a licensed electrician when you need new wiring for your house or any wiring repairs.

Romex Wiring in the Wrong Place

We’ve put up a picture at the too of this post of one of the more common issues we come across with the wiring in circuit breaker panels. You can see that the wires inside the circuit breaker panel box shown here are covered with either a thick white or yellow covering. This is Romex wiring, a brand name for electrical cabling that has a non-metallic sheath around it. Romex is common in residential wiring and is often found in areas of a home that can become damp.

The sheath of the Romex should be stripped off the wires like this.

Although this description makes it sound like Romex wiring is exactly what you would want for safe circuit breaker wiring, Romex isn’t supposed to actually be inside the circuit breaker panel box. Romex wires are designed to run through the walls and aren’t right for use inside the actual electrical panel. What you want to see is in the picture above, where the wires are stripped off of the non-metallic sheath. Check on your circuit breaker panel box, and if you see Romex wires inside it, call us to fix it.

Professional Circuit Breaker Service

This is the way Kilowatt wires a circuit panel. We like to keep everything organized to avoid mistakes and because it just feels better to do complete a task and know that it was well done.

We can’t emphasize this enough: only licensed electricians should provide circuit breaker wiring services. This includes everything from installing a new panel to handling smaller repairs. When you call our electricians, the job will be done thoroughly and correctly. Take a look at the last picture on the page, which shows a control panel after our electricians have finished wiring it. We rely on this level of organization to reduce the chance of errors and so that customers will know that we’ve done a complete job.

If you are looking for circuit panel wiring for your house, contact Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical today. We service Sherman Oaks, CA and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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