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Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical Blog

Ellie Nagler We Love You!

If you walk into Kilowatt headquarters chances are you will hear Ellie on the phone walking a neighbor through an over-the-phone troubleshooting conversation. “Is the circuit breaker tripped?” “Check to make sure the filter is clean…” Ellie is a professional problem solver and she faces every challenge in the most patient & caring way possible.
Ellie is like a mom to everyone who works at Kilowatt and all of our customers too.
When she walked into Kilowatt 10 years ago in response to our “help wanted” ad Dean was thrilled. He knew right away that Ellie was the Office Manager he had been hoping for. Right away Ellie set to work organizing systems and making friends with everyone who came in contact with her.
Kilowatt has grown so much over the years that Ellie has a posse of capable customer service experts working under her. She stays busy handling all the scheduling and ordering.
When not at work Ellie is home enjoying time with her big beautiful family.

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