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Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical Blog

Deb Scott – August 2017 Employee of the Month

If you ever had an estimate with Dean then you probably already know Deb Scott. She follows up with our customers and makes sure that everyone is on the same page as far as costs, the scope of work, the exact equipment that will be installed and what to expect on the day of installation. When Deb showed up at Kilowatt with her years of experience working for contractors and her warm and loving personality we couldn’t wait to offer her a job. Deb is a great communicator. She listens, she cares and she makes sure that everyone involved in the conversation understands the same thing. – A skill that takes patience and insight 😉

Deb has three beautiful children: Her oldest son Steven, daughter Chelsea, and her son Rob, who also works at Kilowatt! But being a mom doesn’t stop with her own kids. Deb keeps a mother’s eye on all the whole kilowatt team and is always ready with a word of encouragement, a hilarious comment, or a delicious homemade cookie.

Some of the reasons people voted for Deb as Employee of the Month are

  • Deb has a lot of enthusiasm
  • Deb lights up a room.
  • Deb knows how to deal with Dean
  • Deb really cares about all of us and our customers
  • Deb never allows an opportunity for a compliment to pass without saying something nice
  • Deb speaks her mind
  • Deb knows a LOT about heating and air conditioning and even takes continuing ed. classes with the service techs
  • Deb is smart about dispatching the right service technician to the right job
  • Deb keeps morale up even when things get crazy

We love you Deb. Thanks for giving us your best everyday.

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