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Your AC Worked Hard This Summer—Time to Change the Air Filter for the Fall

bef84efb42ac8b13fbe71a808778146979c91857e607829a58db5f843114799bThis summer was a hot one! One of the hottest on record, in fact. The air conditioning system that keeps your family cooled down has probably done its largest workload yet this year. We hope that it has managed this stress well—and if it hasn’t, we hope you called us for the repair service that got it back in shape.

As we come to the end of this scorcher of a summer, it’s time to evaluate your AC and begin thinking about the fall. It might be time to arrange for a replacement system (something we talked about in last week’s blog entry). However, if your air conditioner still seems to be handling its job well, there’s another task we recommend you take care of now: changing the air filter.

Why This Is a Good Time for a New Filter

With all the extra work that your air conditioner has done this summer, its filter has probably collected more dust and debris than usual. Even if you use a powerful filter that only requires changing every 4 to 6 months, it’s a smart idea after a strenuous period of work to swap it out for a new filter. You’ll still be using the air conditioning system for few more months to come, and when you do turn on the heating system for the first time, it will use the same filter. A clear, clean filter means your HVAC system has a better start end to one season and start to another.

But How Do I Change the Filter?

If you aren’t sure about where the filter is located or what kind of filter to use, that’s okay. It’s almost time for your annual fall maintenance visit—something you can’t forget to schedule. During the maintenance inspection and tune-up, our technicians will help you with changing the filter. Just ask them about the filter and they will show you where it is and how to change it.

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