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Will a High SEER Air Conditioner Save Me Money?

air-conditioner-money-saverIf you’re asking this question, it’s probably because you’ve decided you need to get rid of your old air conditioning system before the heat waves of late spring arrive. This is a good plan: if you think you have a rickety AC that won’t make it through the coming summer, or if it’s draining money, or it simply can’t keep the house cool the way you like, it’s time for a new one. Call our team, because we can help see that you end up with the great new air conditioning installation and cooling system that will work for you for years to come.

If you’re already thinking about what type of AC to get, one of the options is to have a high-efficiency air conditioner with a high SEER rating. High efficiency often means money savings—but does it always?

No, high SEER isn’t necessarily a money saver

We need to explain exactly what SEER is and what it means for an air conditioner. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and it measures of how well an air conditioner converts electrical power into cooling power. It’s a ratio of the amount of cooling put out by the air conditioner, measured as BTUs, to the amount of electricity consumed in watt-hours, as measured over an entire season. (EER is the measurement based on a single test under set conditions.) The higher the SEER number, the less energy goes to waste creating cooling. The lowest SEER rating for an AC in order to earn the ENERGY STAR label from the U.S. Department of Energy is 15. High-efficiency systems can have a SEER in the 20s.

However, high efficiency means just that: a system that uses energy efficiently. It doesn’t mean automatic money savings. For example, if you had a high-efficiency air conditioning system installed in your home, but it was too small for your needs, the AC would have to run more often. Yes, it would be running efficiently, but it would still waste money. Because a high-efficiency system costs more to purchase upfront than a lower efficiency system, there’s also that money to consider.

The lowdown on this is that efficiency is only one factor among a number to consider when getting a new air conditioner. This is why it’s important to have HVAC professionals help you with making the choice for a new AC installation. They’ll do a load calculation for your home so they know how much cooling is necessary for comfort, and then match you with the correct size of system. If you’re interested in a high-efficiency system, the professionals will make sure you end up with one that will provide you the best possible savings.

We’re happy to help you choose a new cooling system and have a great installation for your air conditioning in Studio City, CA. We have many years of helping homes stay cool in the hot Southern California weather.

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