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Why Your Digital Thermostat’s Screen Has Gone Blank

thermostatThe thermostat is a key part of your home’s HVAC system, although it is easy to take its operation for granted. But when something goes wrong with it, you won’t be able to control your air conditioner or your heater. For example, what if you go to turn on the AC during a hot day, and find that the screen on your digital thermostat is completely blank and none of the controls respond? You will obviously want to get the thermostat working again as soon as possible. Below, we’ll look at some of the reasons this problem might occur, and what you can do about it.

Dead batteries

Thermostats can either run from a direct connection to the electrical system or from batteries. If your thermostat is one of the latter, a blank screen probably means the batteries have gone dead. Remove the front plate of the thermostat from the wall to find the batteries and change them.

Tripped circuit breaker

The issue may be that the circuit breaker for the thermostat has tripped. Check the electrical panel and see if any of the breakers needs to be reset, then see if the thermostat’s display has come back on.

Limit switch

If your air conditioner’s condensate pan has flooded, it will activate a limit switch that will shut off power to the unit. This will also shut off power to the thermostat. An overheating furnace will also trigger a limit switch resulting in a blank thermostat. Call on for professional system repairs.

Wiring Trouble

For a thermostat wired into the electrical system, bad wiring and loose connections may be responsible. Call on an HVAC technician to look into the problem. If there is nothing wrong with the wiring, then it is probably best to have the thermostat replaced with a new unit.

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