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Why You Should Work with Our Professionals for AC Installation

air-conditioning-condensers-near-plantsTime to replace your old air conditioning system! Yes, you finally decided the ancient, clattering, and unreliable AC in your house needs to be put out to pasture so you can find a new, high efficiency unit to put in its place. You don’t want to handle a hot Southern California summer without a cooling system that you can trust to do its job without heavily hurting your bank account—or abruptly breaking down.

However, we recommend you never attempt to cut any corners when it comes to a new AC installation. We know those “savings” from hiring non-professionals who make big promises for suspiciously low prices are tempting. But amateur work will cost you enormously in the future. Only experienced and certified professionals can do the job right.

When you’re ready for air conditioning installation in Sherman Oaks, CA from the finest professionals, we’re the people to turn to. Contact our office and one of our certified service technicians can set up an appointment to equip your home with a great new air conditioning system, whether a replacement or the first one for the house.

You Need to Work with HVAC Professionals in General…

Replacing a central air conditioning system isn’t a plug-n-play operation! It’s a major job. Just the standard task of removing the current condenser and indoor unit is a huge undertaking, and the old system must be properly disposed of because of the refrigerant in it. Only professionals know how to properly put a new unit in place and connect it to the electrical system and ventilation system so it operates correctly. Even small errors can lead to an escalating problem that may eventually lead to needing to replace the air conditioner early—and that’s an expensive proposition.

Professionals are also necessary to ensure the AC is sized correctly, i.e. if it provides a cooling output matching the needs of your household and the house itself. If the system is too small or too large… it will have to be replaced! Professionals will get this right the first time so you can enjoy 10 to 15 years of steady service from your air conditioner.

…and We Have Special Credentials from American Standard

American-Standard-logoOur technicians are trained and experienced. You need a great installation, they can do it. But we’re also a Customer Care Dealer with American Standard, which means we do manufacturer warrantied installation and are approved by American Standard. It also allows us to get the best prices on equipment, and we pass those savings on to you.

The Technicians Seal of Safety

On top of all this, our technicians are people you can always trust in your home. They have the Technician Seal of Safety: drug tested, background checked, professionally trained. We want you to always feel at total ease with our services from start to finish. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know we can deliver the work you need and leave you satisfied not only with the job we did, but the customer-focused approach you deserve.

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