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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making So Much Noise?

It’s impossible to create an air conditioner that runs in complete silence. The workings of the fans, compressor and motors will generate some level of noise. However, modern air conditioners make far less noise than older models. If you had professionals install your home’s AC, it shouldn’t create a distracting level of sound during most of its service life.

If your air conditioner does start to make a noticeable racket, such as clanking, rattling, banging and grindings sounds, you should call a residential HVAC expert to look into it. It usually means a major problem occurring in the air conditioner that either requires repairs or a unit replacement.

air-conditioner-compresserSome possible reasons for a noisy air conditioner

  • Poor installation: Air conditioners vibrate as they operate, but if the air conditioner received a professional installation in the first place, this shouldn’t cause any damage to its parts. But if the air conditioner was not well-secured when it was put in, it may shake loose and start to create clanking noises. This needs to be fixed quickly, or else the system will cause more internal damage.
  • Worn-down motors: Grinding and screeching sounds are usually warnings that the motors that run the fans and compressor are dirty or rapidly wearing down. If these problems are not addressed, the motors will burn out entirely and need a replacement.
  • Age: Most air conditioners have a lifespan estimate of between 10 to 15 years. An AC that is over 15 years will often start to wear down to the point that it operates noisily whenever it turns on. If you have an older air conditioning system, you should consider replacing it when it becomes a noise nuisance. Call for a technician to help you with the decision and to arrange for putting in a new unit.

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