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What is Coil Cleaning, and Why Does My AC Need It?

If you own an air conditioning unit in Sherman Oaks, it’s important to keep it maintained in any way possible in order to increase efficiency and avoid urgent repairs. And one of the most important steps of annual professional maintenance is coil cleaning. While there are a few steps of maintenance you can do on your own, such as changing the filter and keeping the outside unit away from large debris, this particular maintenance task is best left to an experienced professional. In this guide, we’ve detailed why coil cleaning is such an important step of owning an AC.IMG_7543

How the Coil Gets Dirty Over Time

Your condenser unit is very susceptible to the buildup of dirt and debris because of its location outdoors and because of the large fan. The powerful condenser fan helps your unit to condense refrigerant by pulling in the outside air and blowing it over the condenser coil. As this happens, refrigerant condenses, and the heat from inside of your home dissipates from the refrigerant. However, the fan is bound to suck up a lot of dirt in the process, which then gathers on the coil.

Problems that Result from a Dirty Condenser Coil

It’s important that your outside unit is in top shape because heat must dissipate before refrigerant can absorb more heat out of the air in your home. But a dirty coil cannot effectively give off heat, which means your unit will have to work harder to compensate. And because your unit will have to run for a longer period of time, you may spend more in utilities every month. Professional coil cleaning can prevent repairs, increase efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

How Professionals Clean Your Coils

Often, professionals will rinse the coils with water during maintenance. However, if your unit has not been cleaned in several years, a technician may recommend chemical coil cleaning. In this case, water would just push the dirt further into the coil, and chemical coil cleaning is the best way to remove dirt and residue for good.

During any standard maintenance visit, a technician will clean and adjust components of your unit and alert you of any further services you may need. To schedule professional air conditioning maintenance in Sherman Oaks, and to determine whether your unit could benefit from chemical coil cleaning, call the dependable technicians at Kilowatt today!

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