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What Is an EPA Certification and Is It Important for HVAC Professionals?

epa-patchWe live in a world where it’s easy—almost too easy—to find contractors to help with almost any household job: you only have to type in a few phrases into an Internet search engine, and presto! A whole list of service providers will pop up.

But that doesn’t mean these contractors are necessarily right ones for you—or even that they are licensed professionals who can do what they claim. For example, if you’re looking for an HVAC company for your air conditioning and heating needs, one of the criteria to keep a look for is a contractor who has EPA-certified technicians on staff.

Just what is EPA certification?

The U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) offers certification (EPA 608 certification) to technicians who demonstrate knowledge of the multiple laws and rules that are involved in handling HVAC chemicals, such as the refrigerant found in air conditioners and heat pumps, R-22 and R-410A. Any technician who plans to work with building air conditioning and refrigeration systems must pass a written test to receive one of four different certification levels. The highest level of certification is the Universal Certification, which is for technicians who maintain, service, or repair both low and high-pressure equipment and small appliances.

Why is EPA certification important?

The EPA currently requires that all people who work with any system that contains refrigerant (such as heat pumps and air conditioners) have an EPA 608 certification. Technicians are not permitted to purchase refrigerants unless they have this credential. In other words, a non-certified technician isn’t someone that who is allowed to work on your home’s heat pump or air conditioner, and they certainly can’t recharge refrigerant if it runs low.

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