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What Does an “Older Home Specialist” Mean?

IMG_2423At Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical, we’re proud to be an older home specialist. You might have seen this displayed on the banner of our website and wondered exactly what it meant. If you took a guess, you might assume it meant a contractor with special knowledge of working with the HVAC systems of older homes with peculiar needs. And your guess would be close!

The Older Homes of Southern California

People often think of the sprawl of Southern California as all “new” homes and buildings. But Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley have a rich architectural history, which includes many communities that have changed little from the 1950s, and some from before World War I, when the first major migration to Southern California from the Midwest and East Coast began.

Homes built before the 1960s were rarely set up for any type of central air conditioning. The earliest ACs easily available for homeowners were the window units of the 1950s, which only required an available window and nothing else. But window units aren’t good long-term ways to cool a house. For people who live in these historic homes who want to have central air conditioning and heating, it takes work from older home specialists to find a solution to their comfort problems.

The Older Home Specialist at Work

An older home specialist has a number of different approaches to take for providing whole-house cooling. If the home has ductwork for a central heating system, the specialist can usually take care of setting up central cooling in only a few days. A new system needs to be put into place, and the ductwork may require changes.

But what if the home has no ducts at all, a situation common in many pre-1950s homes in So. Cal? Here’s where the specialists really put their skills to work installing ducts without interfering with the house design. The older home specialist finds places where ducts can be hidden, such as in the attic or at the back of closets. This job takes longer but will result in a pristine home with great central cooling.

Finally, older home specialists can always hook up a house with a ductless system, which operates through wall-mounted blower units. Not every homeowner will want to go this course if they don’t like the look of the indoor air handlers. But it’s one of the easiest and more efficient ways to transform an older home into a much more comfortable one.

Call on us and speak to one of our older home specialists on staff. They’ll help you achieve exactly what you want for your historic house.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical is here to help in North Hollywood and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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