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What Can I Do to Help My AC Through a Heat Wave?

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People are worried about the heat this summer and whether their air conditioning systems will make it to the end without breaking down. We understand this feeling: nobody likes a heat wave, and facing one without an AC to cool down a house is a frightening prospect.

You can always count on our expert technicians for air conditioning repair in Burbank, CA and elsewhere in our service area when you’ve got a failed AC. We know that you would much rather not have your AC run into trouble in the first place, so we have some tips that you can use to lower the amount of strain on your air conditioner and help it finish the season without making you sweat.

Schedule maintenance if you didn’t in the spring

Regular AC maintenance is the most important service for an air conditioning system, and we strongly recommend all our customers have it scheduled each year. The tune-up, cleaning, and adjustments we make to an AC give it the best chance to get through the summer without a bump while saving energy. Spring is the best time for maintenance, but if you didn’t have it done then, it isn’t too late! Schedule it now so you can relax.

Change the air filter

The AC’s air filter needs to be changed every one to three months. So if you haven’t changed it yet this summer, it’s time to do it. A dirty air filter forces the air conditioner to work harder to draw air into it so it can cool it down. The extra strain can cause motors in the air conditioner to overheat and trip the circuit breaker. Once you’ve changed the filter, make a reminder to yourself to keep current with future filter changes.

Raise the thermostat

We aren’t advising you to heat your house, just not to keep lowering the thermostat when it gets hotter. Lowering the thermostat doesn’t make the AC produce a greater volume of cooling at a faster rate; it only makes the AC run for longer. If you raise the thermostat to as high a temperature as your household finds comfortable, it will significantly lower the amount of time the AC must run and take a lot of strain off of it. We advise aiming for 78°F during the day, and about 8° warmer at night.

Clear the area around the condenser and clean it

The outdoor condenser needs enough space for its fan to expel heat. This is the heat the AC removed from indoors, and if it can’t escape easily outside, the heat will remain trapped in the air conditioner. Not only can this cause the AC to overheat, it will make it waste power. Check around the condenser to see that no plants have grown too close to it and there are no other obstructions. You can also clean off the cabinet to make its job easier. Use a hose on low pressure to do this.

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