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Why We Recommend Getting Rid of Window AC Units

ductless-mini-splitAlthough Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley are known for hot weather, many homes built here were not designed with central air conditioning in mind. Because these homes didn’t need much in the way of heating, and opening up doors and windows was thought to be “adequate” when it came to cooling down, these homes often lack the ventilation networks that make it easy to upgrade to central air conditioning.

But then the window AC unit came along, and these homes could enjoy cooling—in some rooms, at least—without trying to find a way to put in ducts.

Today, however, you don’t need window air conditioning units to have central cooling for your older home. We recommend you get rid of those old window ACs.

Reasons Why You Should Ditch Window ACs

They’re inefficient

Window air conditioners don’t use energy as efficiently as a central air conditioner. They drain an immense amount of power (and if not connected to a power strip, they can easily cause tripped circuit breakers). They also easily allow heat to escape around them, adding to the amount of heat they need to remove from the room.

They allow for uneven cooling

To have a proper spread of cooling around a house with only window ACs, you would need to have the units put into windows in every room. That’s not a cost-effective or practical home comfort solution. You’ll still end up with hot rooms, and the small fans inside the window units will rarely be able to cool even the single room they’re in.

They look ugly

If you’re proud of the upkeep on your vintage house, do you really want a bunch of window units sticking out all over the place? Window units just don’t look attractive, either inside or outside a home.

They block your windows

You may end up with a dim and dismal looking interior because window units are blocking many of the windows. You want to be able to use those windows to let in natural light, not obstruct the light with a loud mechanical device.

They’re loud, too

Speaking of which: because the compressor is stored in the window unit along with all the other components, window ACs create much more indoor noise than central air conditioners, which put the compressor outside.

They’re not secure

A window unit makes a house less secure because it’s easier for an intruder to remove the AC and access the window.

You Have an Alternative

If you read all the above but kept thinking, “It doesn’t matter, my home has no space for ductwork,” then we have great news for you. A ductless mini split installation in Studio City, CA can solve your problem! Ductless mini splits are central air conditioners (and heaters) that work through small wall-mounted units. They have the point-cooling ability of window units, but none of the drawbacks. In fact, they work at higher efficiency than most standard ducted central air conditioners.

Our technicians are older home specialists, and they can help you find the best way to enjoy cooling while getting rid of those old window AC units.

Find out more about ductless cooling options. Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical has served Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley since 1990.

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