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There’s No “End Date” for AC Maintenance—You Still Need It!


Regular air conditioning maintenance from HVAC professionals is not a “bonus” for a cooling system. It’s a necessity, the same way regular oil changes and maintenance for vehicles is. We encourage our customers to arrange for AC maintenance in Van Nuys, CA during the spring because it’s a great time to have it done: it prepares the system right before it will need to do the most work and have the system ready before the first major summer heat waves hit.

But if you didn’t have maintenance done in spring, that doesn’t mean the time ran out, or the deadline is past. There isn’t an end date for maintenance where it becomes useless to schedule—it’s an annual necessity, even if it gets done late.

Missing Maintenance During the Year Is Bad for the AC

We want to encourage you not to feel like you missed an opportunity if you didn’t schedule maintenance in spring. Yes, spring is the best time for it, and we urge you to have it done in spring in the future, but don’t pass it up because it’s August. Southern California weather requires air conditioners run deep into fall and even winter, so your AC still has quite a bit of work to go this year, and maintenance can help it.

This is about more than getting the most out of the rest of the year, however. It’s about the long-term health of the air conditioner. Skipping maintenance takes a toll on the AC:

  • It can shorten its lifespan, resulting in an expensive replacement years too early.
  • It contributes to a decline in system efficiency, raising your cooling costs by 5% or more per year.
  • It increases the risk of a malfunction and even a complete system breakdown.
  • It may void the equipment warranty.

As you can see, there is a lot riding on keeping current with maintenance, and you haven’t missed the “deadline” as long as you have maintenance done each year—and there’s no reason to delay.

Our Maintenance Program

We want to make maintenance as easy as possible for our customers. We know how valuable this service is for home cooling because we’ve been doing it for decades. We developed a special maintenance program for customers to simplify taking care of their HVAC system—and this includes the heater as well. When you join, we’ll provide you with regular reminders each year so you’ll get back on track with maintenance in spring.

Our program comes with other benefits along with the great regular maintenance. You’ll receive a 20% discount on any necessary repairs, enjoy special club membership deals, and be able to jump to the front of the service queue with priority scheduling whenever you have a repair need.

We offer different membership tiers based on your needs and the number of cooling/heating systems in your house. Call our office and we’ll be glad to help you find the right membership for you. Then we can schedule that critical air conditioning maintenance appointment.

Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service! Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical offers excellent AC maintenance, so schedule with us today.

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