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The Mystery of the Exuberant Air Conditioner

Sometimes 95% of the job is figuring out what the problem is!

We got a call the other day from a customer for whom we had installed a terrific indoor comfort system. Her top-of-the-line Air Conditioning system with a high tech nest thermostat was exhibiting strange symptoms. In the morning, before it got hot, the A/C would come on full blast and blow freezing cold air for about an hour. As the day went on the system produced reliably comfortable air.

Kilowatt’s service technician tested the connections, the air-flow and all the settings. He measured the temperature of the air coming out of each grill. Everything was calibrated properly and working perfectly as far as he could tell. This didn’t make sense. Suddenly, just as the customer said it, the air began blowing full strength for no apparent reason.

Our service technician returned to her nest thermostat in the bedroom and quickly identified the problem.

A beam of sunlight coming through a crystal that was hanging in the window. The light was focused like a laser beam right onto the nest thermostat. According to Feng Shui, a Crystal Sphere can be used to adjust the flow of energy in your home and activate any area instantly. They can create and store energy and are very powerful conduits of chi.

As our service tech watched, the temperature on the thermostat rose from 72 to 78 degrees. No matter how hard the air conditioning system worked to cool the room, that beam of magnified light kept tricking the thermostat into thinking that it was still too hot. The problem was solved in a few seconds by moving the crystal a few inches to the left.

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