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Spring’s Almost Here, Is It Time to Retire Your HVAC System?

ac-coilsIt’s hard to say goodbye to old friends. You probably don’t think of the HVAC system in your house as an “old friend,” even though it has provided your house with years of comfort. It’s not a flashy piece of equipment, and most of it is hidden. But saying goodbye to it does mean paying for a new one—and you don’t want to do that until it’s necessary.

Since spring is a good time to have a new HVAC system put in (take advantage of the mild weather and technicians’ less busy schedules), it’s also a good time to start considering if this is when you’ll retire your current one.

You May Need to Retire Your HVAC System If…

It didn’t do well the previous summer

Winters in Southern California don’t put too much strain on heating systems, so it’s usually harder to tell through the winter if the HVAC system is struggling. Summers, however, are long and hot, and air conditioners and heat pumps put in serious labor. If your home felt hotter than normal last summer, the AC may be losing power. If repairs and regular maintenance haven’t changed anything, it might be time for a new system.

You are paying much more to run it than before

Electrical bills will increase when power costs rise, and you can also expect to pay more when you have more guests over, etc. But if the cost through the last year was generally higher and you can’t tell why, it’s a wise idea to have the HVAC system inspected to find out if it’s on a serious decline.

Those repair bills are stacking up

You shouldn’t need to schedule HVAC repairs more than once a year. And even once a year can be too often if you’re doing it every year. Something else to consider with repairs is the cumulative cost: more than $500 in repairs in one year is getting too steep. If any single repair is more than the cost of buying a new HVAC system, then we strongly recommend you go with a new system.

General noisiness and hot spots/cold spots

These are broad indications of an HVAC system that’s wearing down in old age. Individual noises can point toward a specific repair, but continual noisy operation often means a system coming to the end of its service life. Uneven heating and cooling around the house are also big warnings that the system is starting to die.

Basic age

Often, the best way to tell if the AC, heater, or whole HVAC system needs to be retired is system age. Check on the cabinet for manufacturer’s date. If the system is more than 15 years old, even if it’s still working well, ask for a technician to inspect it and give you an expert opinion.

We’re Here to Help You

For Northridge, CA, HVAC services from an experienced team, look to us. We work with all types of heating and cooling systems. When you schedule your spring HVAC maintenance with us, we’ll be able to analyze your current AC and heater and tell you the cost-effective way forward: will the system last a couple more years without major repairs, or is it getting close to where it’s no longer worth keeping?

Schedule an appointment today with Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical.

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