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Rooftop Spiral Ducts for Packaged Air Conditioning Systems

This is a good time of the year to consider installing a new air conditioning system for your home. As we transition between seasons, you’ll have a window of opportunity to arrange for professionals to put in the system. Since this is Southern California, you always want to be ready for any sudden rise in heat.

A superb choice for your home comfort that we suggest you investigate is a packaged system (either AC or heat pump) with rooftop insulated spiral ducts. Just what is that and why should you give is serious consideration? Read on!

1989-Dean-GilfordPackaged systems

A packaged system is the opposite of what most people expect from a central air conditioner or heat pump in a home, which is called a split system. You’re probably already familiar with split systems: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that work to remove heat from one location and exhaust it in another.

With a packaged system, there is only one cabinet, located outside, where both heat absorption and release occur. The conditioned air is sent via ducts into the home. This is the same type of comfort system found in many commercial buildings, where the packaged units are located on the roof. Packaged systems are a good way to save space inside a house, and in some home layouts they are the much better option than a split system. The cabinet accessibility makes them easier for technicians to repair and maintain.

Rooftop spiral ducts

Spiral ducts running through the roof are an excellent way to send heated or cooled air from a packaged unit through a home without taking up additional space. Spiral ducts are stronger than square ducts and simpler and less expensive for installers to put in place. The round shape of the ducts prevents the accumulation of rain water and lowers the surface area by 15% compared to a rectangular duct, and that lowers heat loss and heat gain from outdoor temperatures. Proper insulation increases the energy efficiency of these ducts.

Rooftop insulated spiral duct for a packages HVAC system. 

If you are interested in installing a packaged air conditioner or heat pump, complete with ducts and superb financing, give Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical a call. We serve Tarzana, CA and the Greater Los Angeles area.

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