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Replace Your Old, Inefficient Air Conditioning System This Summer

Answer this question as best you can without looking up the information: How long have you had the same air conditioning system in your home? Is your immediate response, “A long time”? Can you even remember when it was installed? Was it already in place when you moved in, and you have no idea how long it was working before then? All right, go look up the information (if you have it) on the age of the system. Is it over 10 years? Over 15? Then we should probably have a talk.

Air Conditioner Inefficiency

Air conditioners are like any other type of mechanical device: they will eventually wear down until they no longer work as well as they should. At some point they will cease working entirely. Too many homeowners seem to treat the AC as if it will last forever, and this is far from the case. Even the best air conditioning system that receives top-quality yearly maintenance will start to become less effective at its job after 15 years of steady service. When you consider the Southern California heat and the amount of stress that an AC undergoes every year, you’ll begin to understand how a cooling system can wear down.


Look over your summer electrical bills for the last few years. Have you noticed an upward trend that you can’t account for with higher usage? This is probably the fault of an aging air conditioner. If repairs and maintenance don’t stop this rise, you should call professionals to look over the system and see if replacement is the best option.

In most cases with an AC that is over 15 years old, replacement is a wise choice. Not only will you immediately start saving money with the efficiency of the new system, but you will also get ahead of all the repair problems the old system will eventually require. If you feel on the fence about the decision to replace an air conditioner, call on HVAC experts for an evaluation and the help necessary to find a replacement if that’s the best path.

If you are ready for a new air conditioning system in your home in Burbank, CA, call Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical. We offer high quality air conditioning replacement.

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