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The Importance of Working with Professionals for HVAC Service

Air-conditioner-repairmanYou can’t enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Southern California unless you have a working air conditioning system. And to have the most reliable air conditioning system, you must turn to trained professionals for all air conditioning services and HVAC services in general. This includes installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance.

We understand homeowners are looking for places where they can save money on their annual budget. But attempting to shave off costs by going with amateurs for HVAC services can backfire—and probably will. Be cautious of amateurs who make big promises about what they can do for only a small amount of money.

HVAC Professionals Protect You

Why should you ignore the claims of amateurs and go straight to the professionals? There are many reasons, but here are a few of the most important:

  • Insured: In order to be licensed, HVAC professionals must have insurance. This protects you in case a technician sustains an injury while in your home. You don’t have this type of protection with amateurs.
  • Maintain equipment warranty: The warranty on your air conditioning and heating system is another important protection. It ensures you won’t have to pay high costs to replace you the system if it breaks down early under normal use. But a warranty can be voided due to amateur work, whether during installation, repair, or maintenance work.
  • Handling refrigerant: This is an air conditioning-specific situation, but an extremely important one. The chemical refrigerant inside an AC (or any refrigeration system) can be harmful to the environment if handled incorrectly. It’s illegal for anyone except a specially licensed professional to handle refrigerant.

Professionals Are Important in Other Ways

In general, you only want professionals to work on your HVAC equipment because that’s how you get the best work done. Even if it weren’t for the above reasons, you still wouldn’t want to turn to an amateur for any HVAC job. Even a small repair can pose unusual challenges: a malfunction in an air conditioner may have multiple causes, and unless a technician has right training, it can be difficult to even know what type of repair needs to be done.

Only professionals have access to the best tools and know how to use them. Only professionals can have the job done in a timely manner … and on and on. There’s simply no reason to hire a non-professional! (“Save money” isn’t a reason, since you’ll end up paying more in the near future because of the poorly done work.)

Not All Professionals Are Equal

So a professional is always better than an amateur when it comes to HVAC service. But not all professionals are at the same level of skill and experience. When you call on us for your air conditioning installation in Beverly Hills, CA and elsewhere in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, you’re calling on a contractor with more than 25 years in the business. We’re not only licensed and insured, we’re also a Customer Care Dealer with American Standard. We do manufacture-warrantied installations and are authorized as a dealer with the top equipment in the world. This means we can get the best prices from American Standard—and pass those savings on to you.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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