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Ways an HVAC Company Can Prep Your House for Hot Weather

sun-symbolWe just went through a genuine cold spell here in Southern California. Saying that to somebody from the Midwest would probably get laughter or anger. “It was in the 40s at night!” But it’s cold for us, and our homes often don’t have heating systems meant to deal with these conditions for long stretches. (We’re always happy to help boost your home heating if you need it!)

Now, however, we’re heading toward spring and the major heat of summer. The hot weather arrives fast in So. Cal. In fact, it could strike at any moment. Here’s how a Burbank, CA, HVAC contractor can help your home get ready for the big heat during the early spring.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

This is not only a way an HVAC contractor can prepare your house for summer—it’s an essential spring job, like doing your taxes! Maintenance consists of a thorough inspection of the air conditioning system, along with adjustments, cleanings, and a general tune-up. An AC works hard over the summer, especially here, and if it heads into it with all potential problems caught early and all its components in peak condition, it has the best chance of making it through the season with high energy efficiency and few repair problems. Sign up for our maintenance program and we’ll see your air conditioner is treated right each year. (Your heater as well!)

Sealing Leaky Ducts

You may have ducts stealing money from you by letting cooled air escape through leaks. If you haven’t have professional duct sealing done on your ductwork for many years—if you’ve ever had it done at all—arrange with us for testing to see if the ducts require this work. Sealing air leaks can mean a 20% savings on your cooling bills. You’ll have better comfort and balanced humidity around the house as well.

Improving insulation

The insulation in older homes in the Greater Los Angeles Area is often inferior. Insulation isn’t just for winter: it keeps extra heat from entering a house during the hottest weather. If you’ve found it difficult to keep your house cool no matter how powerful an AC you have, the trouble might be poor insulation. We can add to it, replace it, or install it—and you’ll enjoy better energy savings and comfort all through the year. We’re older home specialists, so we know exactly how to fix up houses that never had sufficient insulation levels to start with.

New air conditioning installation

Eventually, you’ll need to have a new air conditioner to replace an old one. If you have reasons to believe the AC in your house doesn’t have much more power left in it, or if it’s 15 years old or more, use the brief spring pause before the heat arrives to arrange for an air conditioning replacement. We work with many AC types, and you can put your trust in us to deliver the right air conditioner to meet your hot weather needs.

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