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How Our Maintenance Program Will Help You This Spring

Last week we wrote about the importance of scheduling air conditioning maintenance during the spring. When you have professionals inspect and tune-up your AC before the hottest weather of the year arrives, you’ll be fully prepared for the worst heat that our Southern California weather can dish out. (And we all know that can be pretty hot!)

However, our maintenance program is about more than just a one-time tune-up for your air conditioning system. Depending on the level of the program you sign up for, the program takes care of your air conditioner and your heater—and does so year after year. KilowattHVAC-maintnenance

The HVAC benefits of a maintenance program

The main reason to sign up for our maintenance program is that it will soon pay for itself and leave you with nothing but savings after that. The U.S. Department of Energy has studied the effects of regular maintenance on heating and cooling systems, and found that when an HVAC system receives routine check-ups and maintenance, it saves approximately $33 per month off the utility bills—whether heating or cooling.

Regular maintenance also keeps the HVAC system from suffering from numerous repairs, and it will keep up your warranties. Probably best of all, you’ll have valuable peace of mind about whether your AC will make it through the long summer weather.

Specific benefits of our program

Any skilled, licensed HVAC professional who offers maintenance will provide you with the above benefits. However, we offer more than just great AC and heating maintenance when you sign on for our program. You’ll receive special benefits as a special priority customer:

  • Discounts: Enjoy 20% off any necessary repairs, which makes it even easier to get your AC or heater in shape for the coming season.
  • Special deals: Membership gives you access to special dollar deals.
  • Priority scheduling: When you sign up, you’ll be first on our priority list when it’s time for service. You get to jump to the front of the service queue for speedier service.

Contact Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical today to learn all about our maintenance program and to sign up. We serve Studio City, CA and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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