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How Exactly Does a Ductless Air Conditioning System Work?

IMG_6442Last week we wrote about an important topic when it comes to making sure you receive the best service from your air conditioning system: when to replace it. A related topic is what type of air conditioning system to choose for a replacement. With plenty of great high efficiency units now available, you can have a cooling system replacement that not only restores the comfort you used to enjoy with your former AC when it was new, but also cuts back on energy bills.

Another option to consider is going with a ductless air conditioning system, a.k.a. a ductless mini split system. These installations are good choices for new homes and new home construction. If you’re curious about how exactly you can have central air conditioning without ducts, we’ll explain below:

The basics of the ductless mini split

You’re familiar with window air conditioning units, which work from the simple principle of sending cooled air straight into a room using a blower fan and a refrigerant coil, and exhausting heat directly out back to the outside. The same idea applies to a ductless mini split. It also sends cool air straight into the room—no ducts required. But instead of exhausting heat right out the back, it connects through a refrigerant and power line to an outdoor cabinet that takes care of the heat exhaust.

And this is where the central part comes into play. The outdoor cabinet is similar to the cabinets from standard central air conditioners: it has a compressor, exhaust fan, and condensing coil. But it connects to multiple indoor air handling units, rather than to a single one that’s connected to ducts. Each of these air handlers is like the one we just talked about: it has a coil and fan and sends its conditioned air directly into the room—like a window unit that doesn’t need a window. It just needs to be mounted on the wall and have a small hole behind it for the refrigerant line and power line that hooks it to the outdoor cabinet. A single outdoor cabinet can handle four indoor units placed in different parts of the house.

Have more questions about ductless air conditioning? Our team at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical is glad to help! We offer our services to Studio City, CA and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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