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Help, My Thermostat Is Broken!

hand-setting-thermostatYour house starts to heat up to uncomfortable levels as the outdoor summer temperatures soar. What do you do? You probably go to the central thermostat in your home to make adjustments to it. You set a comfortable temperature (we recommend 78°F as an energy-saving setting) and then let the AC handle the rest.

But what if nothing happens? The thermostat screen is blank, or the AC compressor/fan doesn’t turn on. If your thermostat is not working, you may need the assistance of HVAC professionals to take care of the problem.

But, Before You Call…

Make sure you check a few possibilities first before calling an HVAC technician to repair a thermostat that isn’t responding. If the thermostat isn’t hardwired into the electrical system, it may simply need fresh batteries. Remove the cover of the thermostat to take out the old batteries. Put new ones in place and snap the cover back on. See if this solves the problem.

If the thermostat won’t turn on either the fan or compressor of the air conditioner, check to see if a circuit breaker has tripped in the electrical panel. An AC can occasionally overload its electrical circuit. If you find a tripped breaker, reset it and try the AC again. If the AC persists in tripping the breaker, you should call HVAC experts to see what the problem is.

The Blank Thermostat Screen

If you have a digital thermostat and the screen has gone blank (and you’ve already tried new batteries and checked on the circuit breakers), the source of the problem could be a tripped safety switch. If the condensate pan in an AC starts to overflow, a safety switch will trip that will blank out the thermostat. Or the safety switch may have tripped accidentally. For a hired-wired thermostat, there may be a lost connection to the electrical supply. Have HVAC technicians investigate the mystery of the blank thermostat screen.

The AC Won’t Respond to the Thermostat Changes

A thermostat has different wires to turn on and off various parts of the AC. There are separate wires controlling the fans and the compressor. If your air conditioner’s fans come on, but the compressor doesn’t, or vice-versa, the thermostat may have lost one of those connections. Another possibility is that the thermostat is miscalibrated so it’s reading incorrect temperatures. If this happens, the thermostat won’t respond to the settings.

Is It Time to Replace the Thermostat?

Repairs may be able to rescue a malfunctioning thermostat. But you should also ask your HVAC professionals if it’s better to upgrade an older thermostat model to one of the more advanced types available. Even going from a standard manual model to a no-frills digital thermostat can make a difference in your home’s cooling and utility bills.

Working with thermostats for air conditioning in Van Nuys, CA is part of what we do. We can repair or replace your thermostat or handle any other repair your AC may need to get back to work keeping your family cool.

Fix that thermostat—or any other part of your AC—with the help of Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical. Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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