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Has Your AC Come to the End of the Line at the End of Summer?


The heat has subsided in Southern California after an intense heatwave. It’s still hot, but we’ve eased down to temperatures that require less work from air conditioning systems.

(Friendly reminder: Your AC can lower the temperature indoors by a maximum of 20°F. You never want to push it to lower the temperature farther than this. So if it’s 95°F, don’t set the thermostat lower than 75°F. In fact, aim for 78°F for best energy savings.)

Now that we’re moving toward cooler temperatures, it’s a good time to look at your AC and consider if it’s ready to retire. Planning an AC installation in Van Nuys, CA during October or November is an ideal time for the job.

But is your AC ready to go? You don’t want to replace it if it still has a few years of solid and efficient performance left.

System Age Is Always a Factor

When considering the question of replacing an air conditioner, the first factor to consider is the system’s age. You can find this by looking at the plate on the back of the condenser, where the manufacturer’s date is listed. (If it’s not there, go to the manufacturer’s website and input the serial number to find out the manufacture date.) An air conditioning system that is more than 15 years old is a candidate for replacement; most air conditioners do not last much longer than this before losing efficiency and becoming expensive to repair.

Get Rid of That R-22 Air Conditioner

The plate on the condenser will also tell you what type of refrigerant the system uses. If it’s an R-22 air conditioner, you need a new system ASAP. This refrigerant blend was completely phased out at the start of the year and many technicians can no longer replace lost R-22. It’s time to start with a brand-new R-410A air conditioner—which will get better energy efficiency anyway.

You’ve Had the AC Repaired More Than Once This Year

Even with the intense heat, an air conditioner shouldn’t need professional repairs twice or more during the year. When repair costs are more than $500, it’s money going to waste that should be invested in a new air conditioning system. Any single repair that costs more than half the price of a replacement is also money going to waste.

You Paid More to Cool Your Home This Summer Than Ever Before

Yes, it was a hot summer. So was last summer. Unless electrical costs have risen in your area, you shouldn’t see an enormous difference in costs between this summer and last summer that you can’t account for. (Yes, you probably were in your home more often this year, so take that into consideration.) If the AC is getting costlier and costlier to run, it’s probably ready to go to the scrapyard.

You Have Your Eye on a High-Efficiency System

If you have an older air conditioner that’s running fine, but you would like to upgrade to a high-efficiency system, then by all means do it. It can be a worthwhile change, and you’ll start saving money right away.

Call our technicians for a professional opinion about whether you should replace your air conditioning system.

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