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Energy Efficient Cooling Tips

Residents and visitors of the LA area alike know how hot and humid it can get here, so it’s not surprising that we crank up the AC as soon as the long cooling season shows itself. But the cost of cooling can be overwhelming at times. It’s just as important that your air conditioner be energy efficient as it is powerful. As a leading HVAC provider in the Los Angeles area, our customers are always interested in saving money on their monthly electric bills, no matter what type of air conditioner they have.

Here Are Some Energy Efficient Cooling Tips to Keep In Mind as You Stay Cool This Summer

  • Know when to replace your AC. If you find that your system struggles to keep you cool during the summer months or that it fails to be energy efficient at all, then it may be time to opt for a new system. There’s little sense in having an old and obsolete system, particularly if you’ll have to get rid of it soon and it’s costing you a fortune to operate. Sometimes the best way to improve energy efficiency is to swap out the system entirely.
  • Preventive maintenance. The only way you can expect your cooling system to operate just as it should is with routine maintenance. We’re not just talking about changing the air filters. Your entire system needs to be routinely cleaned and adjusted for maximum efficiency and performance. Dust and debris only lead to higher energy bills. This is ideally done before the beginning of the cooling season.
  • Take care of problems ASAP. If you notice that your air conditioner no longer functions like it should, then make sure to have it repaired as soon as possible. Letting problems linger only leads to further damage and high energy bills. Find a quality contractor who can service your system.

If your AC is struggling or it needs to be routinely maintained, just let us know. We offer a number of air conditioning services in Encino that can keep you cool. Call us today.

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