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Dusty-Smelling AC? That Might Be Normal—Might

Have you ever turned your air conditioner on only for your home to suddenly smell dusty? Sometimes that is completely normal, but not very often. Usually, you want your air conditioner to produce only clean, filtered, conditioned air out into your home.

If dust is continually cycling through your air conditioning system, that is a problem. It may mean that you need to schedule an air conditioning repair in Los Angeles, CA. You can keep reading to learn when it might be normal for your air conditioner to smell dusty, and what a dusty AC means otherwise.

Dusty AC

The only time that it is normal for your air conditioner to smell dusty is when you very first turn it on after it has been off for an extended period of time. A dusty smell is most common when you first turn on your air conditioner for the spring or summer season. After your system sits for months at a time without being used, dust can settle inside. The same thing can happen if you are away from your home for an extended period of time. For example, if are traveling and you turn off your air conditioner completely while you are away it may smell dusty when you turn it back on again.

But, once your air conditioner runs for 15 to 20 minutes, the dusty smell should go away. You won’t smell it again until the next time it stays off for a period of time. If the smell persists, that can indicate there is a bigger problem at hand that needs to be addressed. A dusty smell that doesn’t go away can mean that the inside of your air conditioner is too dirty. It’s possible that dust has gotten into your air duct system and is continuing to re-circulate through your home.

The Problem with Dust

When dust gets inside your air conditioner, it doesn’t just impact your indoor air quality. Sometimes dust and dirt particles are so tiny that you can’t even see them. But if they build up in the crevices of your air conditioner, they can cause big problems. The gears inside of your AC are meant to work together smoothly with plenty of lubrication. If dust and dirt get in between these gears, the particles can dry out lubrication. As the problem gets worse it can lead to grinding instead of smooth operation.

The good news is, our team can help if you have a dusty-smelling air conditioner. We can get inside your unit, wipe everything down, and re-lubricate any parts that have gotten dry. Then, we can make recommendations to help prevent dust and dirt from getting inside again in the future. This may include changing your air filter more often or switching to a different type of air filter that works better for your home and AC unit. Of course, we also always recommend that you schedule annual maintenance to stay ahead of problems like this.

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