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The Ductless Mini Split and the Older Home

At Kilowatt, we’re proud to be Older Home Specialists. This means we’re skilled at figuring out how to provide great heating and cooling for homes built in a time before central comfort systems were common. People who live in these types of houses often imagine that there isn’t any effective way to have quality comfort, and they instead depend on window air conditioning units during the summer and space heaters during the winter.

It doesn’t have to be this way! As Older Home Specialists, we can help you enjoy better comfort around the year without wasting energy or making extensive—and damaging—changes to your house. One of the best tools we have when it comes to helping older homes with year-round comfort is the ductless mini split heat pump.

The Problem with Window Unit Air Conditioners

Before taking a closer look at putting in ductless air conditioning and heating, let’s pause for a moment to examine a common way of providing cooling to homes that lack space for a ducted central AC: the window air conditioning unit.

The invention of window air conditioning in the 1950s was a huge turning point in HVAC history. Central ACs were extremely expensive at the time, requiring a home to be specially built to house them. A window unit was an inexpensive way to enjoy real air conditioning.

But with better options available today, window units simply aren’t practical. For one thing, they aren’t very energy efficient or powerful compared to other methods. They’re also space hogs, taking up most of a window and blocking light. Because they must have a window to work, they aren’t flexible options. You can’t necessarily put a window unit wherever you need one. Finally, window units make a home less secure.

The Ductless Mini Split Solution

What a ductless mini split system does is take the point cooling of a window air conditioner and combines it with the standard split system central air conditioner/heat pump.

A ductless system operates through a series of small air handlers that are placed around a home in the rooms that require cooling and heating. They resemble window air units somewhat, but they don’t have to extend out through a wall or window to work, and they can be easily mounted high on an exterior wall over a window or outside door, making them unobtrusive. Each air handler contains a blower fan and coil, allowing it to send cooled or heated air into a  iving space without ductwork. The power, condensate, and refrigerant line from each air handler pass through a 3” hole in the wall behind it and hook up to the outdoor unit.

Installing ductless air conditioning systems in an older home is an easy process for professionals. It requires almost no changes to the house, just drilling the small holes for each air handler to connect to the outside unit. After only a few hours, your house will have a complete central heating and cooling system, one that’s convenient to use and leaves your house looking as it did before.

Do you own an older home that might benefit from ductless air conditioning in North Hollywood, CA or elsewhere in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley? Schedule an appointment with our specialists and they’ll help you enjoy the best in comfort.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical is your Older Home Specialist. Call our certified service technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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