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Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical Blog

Construction or Sandblasting nearby? Cover your Condenser!

Kilowatt did a beautiful air conditioning installation for a family in Northridge. The family purchased a high-effiency 20 SEER American Standard heating and air conditioning unit and it worked perfectly. A day or two after the work was completed, their neighbor had their home sandblasted. All the sandy water blew onto our customer’s property and caused a thick layer of sand to build up on the outdoor condenser.

“Don’t do anything!” Dean warned. “I will be right there.”

But before Dean arrived on the scene, the sandblaster leaned over the neighbors wall to clean up after himself. He used his high pressure sprayer to “hose off” the condenser. All that did was force the sand deeper into the fragile fins and the pressure of the water crushed the fins to trap the sand. What a catastrophe!

Kilowatt’s service technicians had to take the whole condenser apart and carefully clean and restore the functionality of the air conditioning equipment. The same type of thing happened to a customer who had a home demolished and rebuilt next door to her. Kilowatt provided monthly maintenance for her as construction progressed to combat the dust and debris that worked it’s way into the A/C coil.

The moral of the story: Cover your outdoor condenser if there is any kind of construction or sandblasting going on nearby. AND make sure that you remove the cover before using the equipment.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether or not your neighbors construction is effecting your air conditioner don’t hesitate to call 818-780-0701!


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