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Caution: The Mismatched Air Conditioning System Is Bad News!

“What’s a mismatched air conditioning system?” you wonder. Is that like a mismatched outfit where the colors clash? No, it’s something far worse than a mildly odd clothing style, which may actually be something you want. (We’re not a fashion design company—dress how you like!) A mismatched air conditioning system is when the different components from an AC aren’t matched to work together. 

The most common mismatched air conditioning system is when the outdoor condenser isn’t matched to the indoor components. Most residential ACs are “split systems,” with indoor and outdoor units, and people may make the mistake of thinking of these parts as essentially separate and not part of a matched set. But they are. And if you have only one part replaced, such as the outdoor condenser when the compressor fails, it will create big problems.

Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners make the mistake of upgrading only one part of their air conditioner to save money, and they’ll find non-reputable HVAC “technicians” who’ll do the work. Here’s why we don’t advise getting your AC mixed up like this.

You’ll void the warranty

We’ll start with this simple fact: replacing only the condenser of your air conditioning system without also pairing it with a matched indoor refrigerant coil will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Without a warranty, you’ll pay far more for any repairs you need, and the warranty won’t cover a replacement. And believe us, you’ll miss that warranty when you consider what else will happen with a mismatched system.

The air conditioner will run at lower efficiency

Getting a brand new condenser with a label on it declaring it has astonishing energy efficiency won’t mean much of anything if the system is mismatched. The air conditioner will run at the lower SEER rating of its two mismatched components. If you’re hoping for energy savings with a higher-efficiency AC, you won’t get them with a mismatched system. It’s better to start fresh with a matched AC system so you can take advantage of the best in high-efficiency technology.

The air conditioner may soon not work at all

Your mismatched system may manage to run for a stretch after one part has been replaced, but a mismatched system will wear down rapidly because its parts aren’t designed to work together smoothly. A major failure could occur at any time—and you won’t have the warranty to cover it!

You won’t really save money with a half-replacement

The savings you think you may get by only replacing a failed outdoor unit are an illusion. This is because it’s less expensive to replace an entire air conditioning system than to replace two parts at separate times. With a mismatched system, you’ll have one part that’s older than the other and will soon need its own replacement. 

If you’ve got a failed condenser, we recommend getting a matched set to replace it. This means a new condenser unit and a matched indoor evaporator coil. You’ll have a great cooling system in place with many years of efficient service life ahead of it, you can upgrade to the best in new technology, and you’ll get a new warranty to go with it.

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