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Can I Save Money By Getting a Used AC System?


This is a question that occasionally crops up because people are used to hunting for bargains with used items. Often, buying “pre-owned” is great. Used books still have the same text, most used CDs and Blu-rays will run fine, and the used car is a classic.

But a used central air conditioner? Is that a possibility?

No. No it is not. No HVAC professional recommends purchasing used air conditioning systems. It won’t save money and will probably cost far more than getting a new system. It’s also simply not practical. Below we’ll go through the reasons why a “pre-owned” AC belongs in the recycling yard, not your house.

No Warranty

When you have a new air conditioning system installed in your home, it comes with a warranty, perhaps several. This warranty covers parts and labor for a certain number of years. This warranty is an important part of consumer protection because it covers repairs and replacements that are due to a factory fault. But if an air conditioner is moved to a different house, the warranty is voided, so you cannot purchase a used air conditioner with a warranty. Buying used puts you at an immediate disadvantage, since you have no consumer protection if the system fails.

Uncertain History

Not having a warranty is particularly risky with used equipment because you don’t know how well the AC was kept up before. It may have never had maintenance, or it has patchwork, low-quality repairs and bad DIY work. The AC may already be in poor shape and start to fail on you within less than a year. You don’t really know what you’re getting with a used air conditioner and you won’t have a warranty to protect you.

Equipment Mismatch

A proper installation of a new air conditioning system requires professionals to size the unit so it matches the house’s cooling needs. Not any air conditioner will do! A used air conditioner needs to be the exact right size for the house, and it’s not likely that it will be. You would have to shop for a long time to try to get a match, and considering the other problems, it’s not worth it.

You’d Have to Install It Yourself

Most HVAC contractors will not install a unit a consumer purchased themselves because of the chance of mismatched equipment. It’s too big a risk to the homeowner’s comfort, so that means any installation is one the consumer has to do on their own—and that’s going to lead to even more trouble!

You want to start right with an air conditioner: a new system with the best features, matched to your home’s needs, and with a good warranty in place. If you’re concerned about costs, a far better way to handle it is with financing options. This is far better than the numerous risks of trying to install used equipment.

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