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Beware the Mismatched Thermostat and Air Conditioner!

hand-setting-thermostatHaving a working thermostat in your home is critical. After all, you can’t run your air conditioner or heater unless you have a way to communicate with it—and that’s the job of the thermostat. It’s also beneficial to have an up-to-date thermostat that can effectively run your HVAC system, even when you’re away from home. A manual thermostat can still do a decent job, but digital programmable models are helpful for managing air conditioner and heater operation even when you aren’t home. You can come back to a cool house without having the run the air conditioner all day—all it takes is a programmable thermostat.

However, we want to caution you and all other homeowners about a trap that’s easy to fall into when it comes to looking into the most cutting-edge of climate control technology. New “smart” home control systems are all the rage now, and they do offer some amazing benefits for energy savings and comfort. But… well, we’ll get into that below.

Don’t Purchase a Thermostat Online!

This is a problem that any HVAC company encounters: a customer calls up and asks for assistance installing a new thermostat purchased online. Simply put, don’t do this! Just because a smart thermostat system you see for sale online sounds like a terrific deal with all these great features doesn’t mean it will actually work with your HVAC system! In fact, it can cause numerous problems.

The modern HVAC system uses computer technology, and is designed to work with a specific type of climate control unit, i.e. the thermostat that comes with the system and was installed along with it. If the original thermostat is replaced with new ones, the algorithms of the new thermostat may not work with the HVAC system. This can mean anything from minor troubles such as miscalibration and an AC or heater that turns on and off at the wrong times. It can also mean larger problems like a short-cycling compressor (a massive energy waste and a quick way to wear down an air conditioner) and even direct damage to the HVAC system.

In fact, the warranties for many HVAC systems can be voided if the original thermostat is replaced! So you don’t attempt to select a thermostat “upgrade” for HVAC system because it sounds like a great deal. You may be headed for trouble.

Leave Thermostat to Professionals

When in doubt, let HVAC professionals look into the possibility of installing new climate controls. If you have a thermostat that’s malfunctioning, allow an HVAC technician to look into it and first see if it can be repaired. If it can’t be fixed, let the technician find a replacement that won’t void the warranty or create additional troubles. When you’re interested in upgrading the entire HVAC system, that’s the best time to talk about making the upgrade to using one of the new “smart” climate controls.

To ensure you don’t end up with a bad thermostat installation that damages the HVAC system, rely on your Encino, CA air conditioning professionals: we’re only a call away and we offer emergency support.

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