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Avoid AC Emergencies as the Heat Ramps Up


The first true summer heat arrived last weekend in Southern California, with temperatures in places like Downtown L.A. reaching 100°F. It’s cooled off a bit, but we all know more is coming.

So it’s time to talk about air conditioning emergencies that may occur in the future. Right now is a stressful time for people, and we know they want to avoid any type of emergency. A broken air conditioning system on a 90°F day definitely counts as an emergency! You can trust that our technicians are ready with emergency air conditioning repair in Van Nuys, CA, and throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. But we also want to help you avoid having the make the call in the first place. Here are some tips that will make it easier for your AC to handle the heat.

Schedule professional maintenance if you haven’t already

This is the most important preventive measure to take for an air conditioning system before summer. The first heatwave has already struck, but that doesn’t mean the time has passed for routine AC maintenance. Professional inspection and repair drastically reduce the number of repairs an air conditioner may need and improves the chance of getting through the season without a breakdown.

Change the AC’s air filter

Regular air filter changes every 1 to 3 months removes significant strain on the air conditioner’s air handler. The blower motor can easily overheat and trip a circuit breaker if it has to deal with pulling air through a clogged filter. The motor may even burn out. If you haven’t changed the filter yet for the start of the season, do so now.

Give the AC a break with a higher thermostat setting

A hot day may tempt you to lower the thermostat to an Arctic setting—but this forces the air conditioner to run much longer and accumulate excess strain. Program the thermostat to a temperature of 78°F during the day when people are home and you’ll have the necessary comfort and an air conditioner that won’t need to overwork.

Keep doors and windows shut during the day

You may want a fresh breeze to come through the house on a hot day, but that’s not what you’ll get if you throw open the windows. You’ll let the heat in, and even if you leave the AC off during this time, it will have to perform much more work drawing this excess heat out of the home to keep you cool. (Remember, the air conditioner doesn’t create cold air, it pumps heat out of the house to make it feel cooler.)

Schedule non-emergency repairs as soon as something seems wrong

You may get caught in a scramble for emergency services on an extremely hot day, so it’s far better to have a scheduled repair for a less drastic problem before it gets worse. When you think the AC is starting to struggle, don’t ignore it—arrange a time for our technicians to come out and perform the smaller, less urgent fix so you’ll have smoother sailing the rest of the season.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical has served Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley since 1990. Call us for emergency support for your air conditioning system when you need help!

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