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A Few Things to Consider when It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Spring and summer both arrive early here in Southern California. Or perhaps it’s better to say that winter never really arrives, only a short period of cooling off with some scattering of rain showers. (Admittedly, one of those “scatterings” of rainfall this time was a massive downpour that caused flooding. That’s going to happen every once in a great while.) Because of how fast our weather warms up toward the high heat of summer, there isn’t a bad time to make the choice to install a new air conditioning system in Beverly Hills, CA or elsewhere in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley. But spring is still arguably the best season for the job, since it puts an AC into place in time for the biggest part of its workload.

If you think your home is ready for a new AC this spring, we have some advice and a few things to think about. Making the process easier is as simple as contacting our team: the sooner you have us involved, the better your air conditioning replacement will go.

Make sure it really is time for a new air conditioner

Be careful not to decide on a whim that it’s time to replace your current AC. “I’m ready for a change,” isn’t a good reason to spend money on a new system. If your air conditioner is under 10 years old and still runs at close to its original energy efficiency and reliability, sticking with regular spring maintenance (and an occasional repair) is the most cost-saving strategy.

The one exception to this is when you’re interested in an entirely new type of system (more on this below) to match changes in your home. Either way, consult with HVAC professionals about whether your cooling system is a candidate for a replacement.

An air conditioner’s size is essential for optimal performance

When we talk about an air conditioner’s size, we don’t mean the physical space it takes up. We mean the system’s power, the cooling capacity it provides (as measured in the amount of heat it removes). You must have professionals help you to size an air conditioner, since it must be neither too small nor too large; either extreme is bad news. Keep this in mind when looking for a new system so you won’t jump at the first one that falls in your price range.

Consider your other air conditioning options

You don’t have to replace a standard split system central air conditioner with a similar model. There are more choices available, such as heat pumps (which work as both air conditioners and heaters) and ductless mini splits (excellent for remodeling or add-on rooms). We encourage some outside-of-the-box thinking when it comes to deciding on a new air conditioner. You don’t have to think outside of your comfort zone, however. That’s why you have professionals like ours to guide you toward the best possible selection for household comfort and future energy savings.

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