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AC Troubles: Could It Be Damaged Ductwork?

ducts-in-atticOne of the reasons it’s essential that you rely on HVAC professionals when it comes to repairs for your air conditioning system in Sherman Oaks, CA is that there are many possible causes behind each symptom of an AC malfunction. It’s similar to when a person develops a fever: there are different illnesses that can trigger the body’s temperature to rise—and if it’s a serious problem, you only want a medical professional to diagnose it. So when your AC has a serious problem, you only want an HVAC professional technician with the right certification to diagnose it, and then fix it.

Duct Leaks vs. The Air Conditioner

One root cause of a number of air conditioning troubles is leaking in the ductwork. These leaks can start up for different reasons, but they’ll all cause the same types of problems—most of which can be mistaken for trouble within the AC itself:

  • Drop in airflow: Because ducts must remain airtight along their length to maintain internal air pressure, any gaps or breaks will cause pressure to drop. This leads to slow airflow from the vents and subsequent hot spots around the house.
  • Higher AC costs: Any unexpected rise in your electrical bills during the summer—above what you normally expect when the AC runs regularly—is a cause for concern. Because air leaks can lead to up to 30% loss of the cooled air in the vents, they will create a noticeable spike in the cost to run the AC.
  • Short cycling: This is a major problem for an AC, when the compressor starts and stops multiple times during the hour, wearing down its parts and draining immense amounts of power. Loss of air through duct breaks can often trigger this. Regardless of the cause, have it investigated immediately.

Duct Sealing: The Professional Fix

If our technicians find that you have leaky air ducts behind your AC problems, they can solve it with duct sealing service. This is a job that requires professionals. (No, don’t get out the duct tape! That actually doesn’t work.) We use special equipment first to locate where the leaks are occurring, and then a second set of equipment to permanently close up the gaps and leaks. We’ll use mastic sealant and metallic tape to ensure your ventilation system is airtight once more—and your AC can get back to working at its best.

The Ductless Air Conditioning Solution

There’s another option we’d like you to think about, and it’s one that more and more homes are considering: a ductless air conditioning system. Ductless systems offer a number of advantages over standard central air conditioners, and if you’re thinking of doing remodeling to your house, we suggest that removing ducts from the equation is a great way to provide you not only with freedom for the remodeling, but an air conditioning system that’s free from all the issues bad ductwork can cause. We’re glad to talk to you about options for the installation of ductless air conditioning in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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