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AC Repair This Fall May Be Critical!

This year, Southern California has experienced one of the hottest later summers on record. These are the times when having a working air conditioning system in a house can be literally life-saving.

Just because it’s almost officially fall doesn’t mean we’re safe from heatwaves. September and even October can still be brutally hot in SoCal. Your home’s air conditioning system isn’t likely to get a serious break until November (and even then, warm temperatures can stage a comeback at any time).

This is why we want to stress to you the importance of staying on top of any air conditioning repairs in Studio City, CA or elsewhere in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley that you may need. We know you’ll feel tempted to shrug off “minor” AC issues, but something minor often hides something major, or it will turn into something major. When you move early to intercept a malfunctioning air conditioning system, you’ll prevent a much worse and more expensive trouble in the future, and that includes having your AC fail on you completely on a blazing hot day.

“Minor” Problems and What They Can End Up Doing

Let’s take a look at the small issues that can crop up with an AC that you might ignore. This will give you a sense of why it’s best to move fast to have HVAC professionals check for repair problems.

  • Uneven cooling: Some rooms in your house are warmer than usual when the AC is running. This might sound like something that “just happens” from time to time. It shouldn’t. In fact, uneven cooling is often a warning that the AC is losing cooling capacity. It can still provide a large enough volume of cooled air to the center of the house, but there’s not enough for the distant rooms. The AC may have a major malfunction, or it could be at an advanced age where it’s declining toward a final breakdown.
  • Muggy conditions: The AC is still cooling the house, but you’ve detected higher humidity indoors. The house feels stuffy, and that’s not normal. Although an air conditioner isn’t a whole-house dehumidifier, it does do some dehumidification as it runs, so if it starts to malfunction, one of the early warning signs might be a rise in indoor humidity.
  • Louder operation: Do you notice the sound from the air conditioner more than you used to? This shouldn’t be happening. When an AC generates more noise than normal, it often indicates parts are wearing down and the system is about to develop larger problems.
  • Fussy thermostat: The AC and its thermostat are supposed to work together so you can leave the thermostat at a steady setting during the day and another at night. If you have to continually fiddle with the thermostat to get the comfortable temperatures you normally enjoy, you’ve either got a faulty thermostat or faulty AC. 

There are more repair signs like this, and we don’t want you to ignore any of them. AC repair is important at any time of the year—and you don’t want to be caught off-guard when a heat wave strikes this fall.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical serves Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Call us for AC repair—we’re the neighborhood team you can count on.

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