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Is Your AC Ready for Warm Weather or Should You Get a New One?

Warm weather has arrived in Southern California, even as parts of the East Coast are still recovering from a blizzard. (A good example of how unpredictable March is… although it’s much less unpredictable for us.) Our rising temperatures mean air conditioning systems are going put in a good amount of work in the coming weeks, so we strongly recommend you have your air conditioning maintenance in Studio City, CA or the surrounding areas scheduled as soon as possible with our team. We offer an excellent regular maintenance program that not only tunes up your AC each spring but also provides the same for your heating system in fall.

The Air Conditioning Replacement Question

If you have an older air conditioning system (i.e. you’ve had it more than 10 to 15 years), you may learn during the annual spring maintenance visit that the system has reached the point where replacing it is the best option for comfort and energy savings. Our technicians always take a close look at the overall health of an air conditioning system during maintenance; if they think the system is no longer cost-effective to keep or they suspect it is near to a permanent failure, they’ll inform you and help you make plans for replacing it.

Here are some of the factors involved in determining when a replacement is the best choice:

  • General energy efficiency. A well-maintained air conditioner should retain around 95% of its efficiency throughout its service life. When the decline sets in, it will cost more to operate the AC—a cost that outweighs the price of putting in a new system and enjoying savings right away.
  • The chance of the system encountering a catastrophic failure within the next two years. If there’s concern that the air conditioner won’t last much longer, possibly stranding a home without cooling during the middle of the summer, a replacement is recommended.
  • Future repairs will cost more than putting in a new AC. A good benchmark for when repairs are too expensive is when a system will rack up $500 or more in repair costs in a year. Also, any single repair that costs more than half the price of a new system isn’t worth it.

Selecting a New Air Conditioning System

The job isn’t finished after you decide with the assistance of our technicians to have a new AC installed. The next step is as important: choosing a new system. You can have a similar type of central air conditioner installed, which is the easiest route and sometimes the best. Our techs will help you find a more efficient system than your older one and then size it.

But maybe you want to try a different type of comfort system. A heat pump, which is an air conditioner that can switch to working as a heater, is an excellent option if you’re considering replacing your heating system as well. You might also look into going with a ductless mini split system if you have plans for remodeling or eliminating reliance on ducts. Consult with our HVAC installers and they’ll help you navigate these options.

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