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5 Reasons Your AC Fan Isn’t Working


When you’re enjoying a comfortable summer day inside your home with the AC sending around cooled air, the last thing you want to hear is the fan for the air conditioner shut down, leading to all the air from the vents vanishing. Or to have the air from the vents change to room temperature. Both of these are examples of what occurs when either the indoor or outdoor fan stops working.

The indoor fan does the job of pushing air through the evaporator coil to cool it down and then into the ductwork. The outdoor fan is responsible for moving air across the condenser coil to release heat and then exhaust it. If the indoor fan breaks–no air in the vents. If the outdoor fan breaks–no cooling indoors.

What causes this to happen? Here are the five most common causes.

#1. Overloaded circuit

Whenever an appliance in the household abruptly stops working, it’s a smart idea to go check the electrical panel to see if a circuit breaker has tripped. The AC fans are run by powerful motors which may occasionally draw on too much electrical power and trip a circuit breaker. If you reset the breaker and the air conditioner continues to trip it, call for professional repairs.

#2. Failed motor contactor

The contactor is a relay to switch currents on a motor. The contactor can fail and cause the motor to stop running. The contactor must then be replaced. As with most electrical repair issues, this is something you want to leave to experienced HVAC technicians.

#3. Burnt-out capacitor

Capacitors store voltage to send to the motors, sort of like temporary batteries. Capacitors wear down over time, often from heat exposure, and will fail earlier than the motors and need to be replaced. If you hear a clicking sound from the cabinets when the AC tries to come on, it’s probably a capacitor that needs to be replaced.

#4. Burnt-out fan motor

When a motor overheats, it will burn out (i.e. the wiring in the casing will fuse together). At this point, the motor must be replaced, and you can trust our technicians to take care of the job.

#5. Loose/broken fan belt

For an older air conditioner, the motor may turn the fan via a fan belt. If this becomes loose or breaks, the fan will stop. Yes, this can be fixed, but if your AC has a fan belt in the first place, it’s probably too old and ready to be replaced.

You can reach us for great air conditioning repair in Studio City, CA and elsewhere in our wide service area. We can get your AC fixed or help you with a replacement.

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