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3 Benefits of a Solar Powered Air Conditioner for a Home

In a place that receives as much sunshine during the year as Los Angeles, CA, solar-powered systems are an excellent option for many homes. If you are looking to go solar for your household, one of the options you should investigate is a solar air conditioner. These systems use solar panels to transform the radiant energy of the sun into electrical current to power an air conditioning system. A battery back-up stores power so the AC can continue to run even when there is reduced sunlight.

There are many advantages to going with a solar-powered air conditioner in your home. Here are three of the main ones:

  • Low-cost cooling – The main reason that people convert to using solar power for an AC is the amount of money it saves. Although solar air conditioners cost more to install than a standard AC, they will rapidly pay back their installation costs because the power of the sun is free. The air conditioner will only use a small amount of electrical power drawn from the grid.
  • More power when it’s necessary – One of the major problems with using an air conditioner that runs from the electrical grid is that AC demand rises as temperatures go up (naturally), placing a huge strain on the grid and power plants all at once. But with a solar air conditioner, the times of the most intense heat are when there is the most solar power to use—and that means a solar air conditioner will place little pressure on the grid. Your home is completely free of the dips and spikes in electrical generation that lead to brownouts and blackouts.
  • Eco-friendly — Solar air conditioners provide energy without the production of carbon dioxide and other emissions. The reduction of strain on coal-powered plants also helps the environment.

If you are interested in the installation of a solar air conditioning system for your home, give our solar professionals at Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical a call today.

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