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The Ductless Mini Split and the Older Home

Monday, June 26th, 2017

At Kilowatt, we’re proud to be Older Home Specialists. This means we’re skilled at figuring out how to provide great heating and cooling for homes built in a time before central comfort systems were common. People who live in these types of houses often imagine that there isn’t any effective way to have quality comfort, and they instead depend on window air conditioning units during the summer and space heaters during the winter.

It doesn’t have to be this way! As Older Home Specialists, we can help you enjoy better comfort around the year without wasting energy or making extensive—and damaging—changes to your house. One of the best tools we have when it comes to helping older homes with year-round comfort is the ductless mini split heat pump.

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The Importance of Working with Professionals for HVAC Service

Monday, June 12th, 2017

Air-conditioner-repairmanYou can’t enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Southern California unless you have a working air conditioning system. And to have the most reliable air conditioning system, you must turn to trained professionals for all air conditioning services and HVAC services in general. This includes installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance.

We understand homeowners are looking for places where they can save money on their annual budget. But attempting to shave off costs by going with amateurs for HVAC services can backfire—and probably will. Be cautious of amateurs who make big promises about what they can do for only a small amount of money.

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June 2017 Employee of the Month – Joe Valle

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Congratulations Joe for being voted Kilowatt’s June 2017 Employee of the Month. Joe has been part of our team for almost 15 years. He is skilled in heating and air conditioning installations & repairs, electrical rewiring, electrical panel upgrades and so many other important services. One of Joe’s most outstanding talents is ORGANIZATION. From the jobsite, to the truck, to the warehouse Joe is the master of finding the right spot for tools and supplies so that they are out of the way, but instantly available when you need them.

You know back in elementary school in PE when kids had to pick teams? There was always that kid who gets picked first because he delivers, works hard, and is fun to be around? That’s Joe. We love you Joe. Thanks for choosing Kilowatt.

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