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3 Things You Can Avoid Thanks to Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Monday, April 27th, 2015

P1010636As we move into the latter half of spring and the weather continues to grow warmer, you will need to have your air conditioner working more often. If you haven’t scheduled its annual maintenance visit from an HVAC technician, now is the perfect time. This way, the cooling system for your home will be in the best condition possible to handle the often roasting summer season in Los Angeles.

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3 Things to Look for During Spring with Your Air Conditioning System

Monday, April 20th, 2015

We hope that you have already scheduled maintenance for your air conditioner for the spring; this is an essential service to make sure that the AC is in good shape to handle the L.A. heat without breaking down or wasting power.

However, you may still run into operating issues between now and the start of the heavy heat in July with your air conditioner, and it’s important to keep a watch for any signs of a malfunction. If you notice any of the below symptoms of a faulty air conditioning system, call for professional repair technicians right away.

Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical has 24-hour emergency service to help you repair your air conditioning system in Los Angeles, CA. We are also on-call for your electrical and water heater needs as well.

I. Grinding and clicking noises from the AC

Should you hear odd mechanical grinding and clicking sounds from either the indoor or outdoor cabinet of the air conditioning system, call for professionals to look into the issue. The grinding noises often indicate the bearings on the motors are wearing down, and if this isn’t fixed soon, the motor may burn out entirely. Clicking sounds often warn of a system that is “hard starting,” which will place excess stress on the compressor—something you don’t want to happen.

II. Ice developing on the coils

It is easy to dismiss the appearance of ice on an air conditioner. After all, it’s a refrigeration system: why not have a bit of ice show up? But ice along the coils is not something that should occur. It means the coil for one reason or another is absorbing inefficient levels of heat from the indoor air, allowing the cold refrigerant inside the coils to remain cold and start to freeze the moisture in the air. Have professionals investigate the trouble and repair it.

III. An unexplained rise in electrical bills

When you see that you are suddenly paying too much on your electrical bills after the AC comes on for the spring, the air conditioner may be the one stealing your money. Make sure that you change out the air filter first, and then have technicians come to look into the problem.

Make sure you have any repairs for your AC taken care of before the summer starts. Kilowatt Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical will help see that you enter the summer with smooth sailing for your cooling system.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Outdated Electrical Panel

Monday, April 13th, 2015

If you live in an older home, you may have an electrical panel that is out of date and not suited to your needs or those of the people in your household. The amount of electrical power the average home uses has undergone significant changes within even the last decade, and the difference between today and the early ‘80s is so staggering that you almost certainly need a panel upgrade if your house was built in that era.

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3 Great Things about Solar Water Heaters

Monday, April 6th, 2015

In Southern California, there’s one energy resource we know will always be here: the sun. So why not make use of all that free energy that beats down on the roof of your home and harness it to take care of necessary services, such as providing hot water for your family? Solar water heaters are one of the best ways you can start making a difference by bringing solar energy into your home.

Here are 3 great things about solar water heaters to consider:

#1. They help you get started with solar power for your home

Of the various solar installations you can have done for a house, a solar water heater is one of the smallest and most cost-effective. This makes a solar water heater a good introduction to using solar power in your house. If you are interested in exploring the potential of solar energy for your household, there are few better places to start than with a water heater.

#2. They can save you a tremendous amount off your electrical bill

No matter where you live, you can probably reduce the amount of electricity you use for hot water by 50% with a solar water heater. But if you live in sunny Southern California, with ample amount of radiant energy from the sun, you may be able to reduce your hot water bills by 80%! This means the installation of a solar water heater will pay for itself in only a few short years.

#3. They benefit the environment and reduce pollution

Going solar in general is a tremendous benefit for the environment, and the solar water heater is a good example. These water heaters reduce carbon dioxide emissions by half. Because they make use of a renewable energy source (they don’t consume sunlight the way a traditional water heater consumes natural gas), they help conserve other energy sources that are not renewable.

If you are interested in learning more about solar water heaters, or any other type of solar installation, for your home in Los Angeles, CA and the San Fernando Valley, call on the company that has helped people save money with solar power since 1990: Kilowatt Air Conditioning, Heating, Electric & Solar.

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